Toroa BP264 - Botin 73

LOA: 22.3 m

Beam: 6.1 m

Displacement: 28 Tons

Draft: 4.5 m

Upwind Sail Area: 300 m2

Downwind Sail Area: 610 m2

The Botin 73' construction was built at Brooklin Boat Yard (USA). This beautiful boat is built of wood, carbon fiber, foam and epoxy composites. In hull shape and sailplan the Botin 73' is very similar to many of today’s modern racing boats with an extended bowsprit, plumb bow, wide beam running well aft, T-bulb (lifting) keel, and twin rudders. Unlike today’s stripped-out racing yachts, she is built with interior accommodations and cruising amenities that allow her owner, family, and guests to cruise the world’s oceans in comfort, style, and speed.


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