Atalanti XVI BP176 - TP52

LOA: 15.85 m

Beam: 4.42 m m

Displacement: 7485 kg

Draft: 3.20 m

Upwind Sail Area: 158.5 m2

Downwind Sail Area: 353.5 m2

Atalanti XVI is the latest boat for the famous owner George Andreadis. His Atalanti Racing team have been part of the international sailing scene for more than 40 years, ever since Mr. Andreadis represented Greece at two Olympic Games in Mexico and  Montreal, the first time sailing the Flying Dutchman, and the second time the Soling. Since then, in Greek, European and  World Championships, the Atalanti team is always there, competing in multiple categories, sailing wildly different boats: often drawing attention of the world’s sailing media to its excellent performances, its story of success.

The boat was built by Southern Ocean NZ in 2006.



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