Tales II BP250 - Class40

LOA: 12.19 m

Beam: 4.50 m

Displacement: 4500 kg

Draft: 3.00 m

Upwind Sail Area: 115 m2

The new custom Class40 has been designed for Gonzalo Botin. He has won two World Championships (2010 and 2012) with his Akilaria MKII ¨Tales¨, and knew precisely what he wanted for the new boat. His first good decision was to appoint Antonio “Talpi” Piris as Project Manager and Ximo Lopez (Longitud Cero) as the builder.

Between them and our design team (including as usual Pure Engineering), we have designed and built a highly customized Class40, remarkable in terms of weight saving and detailing. Long hours were spent optimizing some critical areas such as the mast/keel bulkhead and surrounding structure. In order to achieve the smallest possible bulb volume with maximum rule RM, a complex keel structure was engineered. It consists of a central fabricated steel strut, with variable leading and trailing edge lead inserts and lead bullets placed inside the steel cage to fine tune the VCG. A VOR70 style hull to deck chamfer was included forward of the chainplates, to further push the VCG under the inclination test.

The goal of minimizing interior weight and VCG to achieve the smallest possible bulb weight, has inevitably made this boats highly refined. The amount of hours spent in this task can be endless and custom prototypes, in spite of significant rule restrictions, are becoming very expensive to build.

For the hull shape development we have used our latest CFD/VPP codes (develop in-house in Santander) and run the North Sails Router to assess performance tradeoffs for the most likely races across the North Atlantic. As the Class40’s average speeds don’t allow them to ride the low pressure fronts, the fleet usually encounters all sorts of conditions during a transatlantic leg. The selected hull shape was a good all round compromise, with a full bow and a chine running well forward, and aimed to be very competitive in medium to strong conditions beam reaching and running. We have also designed the foil package to help the boat perform well when going upwind, which happens more than often when crossing from Northern France to the Caribbean. The mast is placed quite far aft, allowing generous offwind sail area.


2016/09 - 1st - Normandy Channel Race 2016

2016/07 - 1st - Transat Quebec to St Malo 2016

2016/06 - 1st - The Atlantic Cup 2016

2016/02 - 1st - RORC Caribbean 600

2015/12 - 1st - RORC Transtlantic Race

2015/08 - 1st - Fastnet Race

2015/02 - 1st - RORC Caribbean 600

2014/11 - 1st - Route du Rhum (skipper: Alex Pella) / Class 40 Course Record

2014/02 - 1st - Caribbean 600 / Class 40 Course Record

2013/11 - 2nd - Transat Jacques Vabre

2013/08 - 2nd - Fastnet Race


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