160' Superyacht BP249 - High Performance Sloop

LOA: 48.75 m

Beam: 10.70 m

Displacement: 110 tons

Draft: 7.00 m

Upwind Sail Area: 1300 m2

Downwind Sail Area: 2550 m2

We have developed this 160’ Superyacht in close collaboration with project manager Jef D’Etiveaud and with highly qualified input in all areas from Mike Sanderson.

This boat has accommodation for eight guests plus the owners and eight crew members. It is certainly a very light boat but at the same time provides all the comfort items that you would expect in a modern yacht of its size. The boat is capable of sailing at double the wind speed in some conditions and in excess of 20 kts in moderate wind speeds. We can be sure that whenever this project is finally launched, it will be unlike anything out there performance wise.

Some very interesting lessons learned throughout this design process concern the load carrying capacity of modern deck gear for a boat of this type and with a righting moment of 375 T.m at 20 degrees of heel. Off the shelf winch sizes are inadequate for the loads and speed of operation that we required in this yacht. Obviously bigger custom winches can be built but we are reaching a point in which the size and loads on the sheets are becoming unmanageable. Hydraulic rams and captive winches can be used in series to provide speed on one side and power on the other, but again technology in these areas has to move forward to provide all these requirements in the lightest possible format.  The alternative off course is a schooner rig configuration which would be our preferred option for any yacht larger than the one described.



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