WaterWitch 48' BP150 - modern classic daysailer

LOA: 14.57 m

Beam: 2.14 m

Displacement: 4620 kg

Draft: 2.0 m

Mainsail Area: 40 m2

Jib Area: 28 m2

Spinnaker Area: 94 m2

The design brief called for a "High Tech Wolf in Classic Clothing" . WaterWitch Yachts seeked to reinvent a classic Uffa Fox design for the next millenium and achieve a balance between tradition and technology. In order to achieve this harmony, the new 48' adheres to the following principles:

WaterWitch Yachts is the brainchild of Jay Cross, a successful International 14 designer and sailor in the 1980's who pioneered the 14's switch to asymmetric spinnakers.

Looking to create an elegant, fast high performance family daysailer, Cross approached fellow sailing friends Pieter Taselaar, John Monsky and Bill Ford to create WaterWitch, the yacht, and from there created WaterWitch Yachts LLC.

For more information, write or email:

WaterWitch Yachts

50W. 57th Street, 2nd Floor

New York, New York 10019




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