BP278 - Beau Geste 522015-08-24

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IRC Winners at Hamilton Island Race Week !!

From Lisa Ratcliff (OCC) :

Karl Kwok’s magnificent men on his brand new IRC optimised TP52, Team Beau Geste, were an impressive sight even before Audi Hamilton Island Race Week began. Sailing for the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, Team Beau Geste keeps its current Australian division A label until the 2016 championship.

“It was very lucky it worked out fine,” said Kwok. “The new boat is very fast upwind and during this regatta we realised its downwind potential is also pretty good. There’s nothing like tuning up a boat against very good competitors.  For our team we treasure people who have gone through the Med Cup, so we have several from the TP52 Ran, most of all we have reliable crew we have sailed with before. It makes things go easier. I had some fun this week.

“In an ordinary regatta if you win back-to-back and then a third time you take away the permanent trophy. I’ll have to talk to the yacht club ….” Kwok joked. “We would like to come back if we have the time.”

From here Team Beau Geste goes back to New Zealand for their IRC championship in January then the ORC World Championship in Copenhagen in June. “Winning Hamilton Island is special; I think this is the toughest event with the greatest range of conditions,” said Kwok’s sailing master Gavin Brady. “The best boats in Australia come to it; there are no push-overs here. To win this you have to be a well-rounded team with a well-rounded boat.”


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