Design team

Marcelino Botin (Born in 1962 in Santander, Spain)

Marcelino Botin is founder and President of Botin Partners Naval Architecture.
He is responsible for the Naval Architecture and the Aerodynamic and Hydrodynamic design of the cruising and racing boats produced by the company. 
An important part of this job involves developing a concept that fits the requirements of a particular racing or cruising design. This sets the foundation for any design and leads the initial steps through the design process.
From a less philosophical perspective, Marcelino’s time is mostly dedicated to hull and appendage design. He is closely involved in all performance related activities including experimental data analysis or speed prediction development.
He was principal designer for Team New Zealand from 2004 to 2011.

Adolfo Carrau (Born in 1975 in Montevideo, Uruguay)

Adolfo Carrau is a partner in the company, and is the main point of contact between the office and clients.
He is responsible for running the Velocity Prediction Software (VPP) and rating optimization.
Adolfo works closely with Marcelino on the general Naval Architecture, and is therefore involved in all our hull and appendage development.
Before joining Botin Partners in 2007, he worked for German Frers Naval Architecture, and also for ETNZ.
He started sailing Optimists at the age of 8, and has since competed in a wide variety of dinghies and racing boats. He represented Uruguay in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in the Laser Class.

Paolo Periotto (Born in 1964 in Rovigo, Italy)

Paolo Periotto has joined the office in 2010, and is our chief production designer.
He leads our group of talented designers and naval architects, and acts as liaison between the yards and the engineering team.
His design experience spans over 25 years, and includes working for Luca Brenta Yacht Design, and the Luna Rossa and ETNZ America’s Cup teams. 
He enjoys racing his Contender dinghy and building wooden boats.

Santiago Cuervas-Mons (Born in 1988 in Santander, Spain)

Santi joined our team in 2013, after spending the last two years working in King Marine’s technical office for the Azzurra TP52 and Artemis AC72. He is extremely motivated and brings plenty of yard experience to the design office.

Filippo Cravetto (Born in 1986 in Turin, Italy)

Filippo joined the studio in 2017, after being the design responsible for the construction and development of the Melges 40.
He spent the last three years as a Design Leader in PCT, working in several projects, from Fast 40's, Tp52, Maxi 72, Dragon and GC32 among others.
His focus to detail and yard experience are really helpful for an efficient project development and a successful design.

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